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  • Agenda – what the faction seeks to do
  • Leader – name and one liner
  • What wants/needs/lacks
  • What it can offer to others
[Faction 1]
[Faction 2]

[Main Villain(s) (if needed)]

  • Name
  • Plan – what it/he/she is trying to accomplish
  • Outlook – the villian’s main personality trait
  • What it wants (usually related to the plan but could be something else
  • What if fears (roleplaying fodder)
  • Special Stats

[Big Threats (wandering monsters other non-sentient things)]
h3. [Interesting Locations]
h3. [Events/Scene]

  • Setup – short description of what’s happening
  • Who’s here
  • Conflict – combat/non-combat
  • Likely outcomes – where things go from here

Main Page

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